Labor and Postpartum Doula Services

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Julie Martin

Julie Martin began as an apprentice Labor Doula with Expecting(NYC), a Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting perinatal doula practice. She apprencticed under the guidance of Kristy Zadrozny.  During her time with Kristy, Julie took the 9 week MBCP curriculum alongside expecting couples. Through Expecting (NYC)'s advanced doula training, she received hours of training with some of NYC's most current and practicing doulas and birthworkers including comforting touch with Yiska Obadia, Rebozo with Amethyst Hurst and birth coaching with Amy Brown as well as infant developmental movement with Amy Matthews of the Baby’s Project. 

Julie operates independently as well as through the doula collective at Love is Juniper. She volunteers as a full spectrum doula, supporting both abortions and births, with The Doula Project. Choice is central to Julie's practice and this is something she honors when working with her clients. There is no right way to birth, just your way. 

Julie is a 200 RYT, receiving her yoga teacher training in vinyasa at Sacred Bedstuy in July 2017. Julie believes in the cultivation of the mind-body connection through yoga and insight meditation as a means of self-exploration and self-love. Julie's doula practice is centered around grounding touch, vocalization and staying present through breathing practices. 

Julie is a Certified Lactation Counselor registered with ALPP and placenta specialist. Julie offers placenta encapsulation, tinctures, smoothies and cord keepsakes. In Julie's postpartum practice, she offers services ranging from continuous lactation support to cooking, light house keeping, engaging with and taking care of older children and overnight stays.

Julie is in the process of certifying with CAPPA as both a Labor and Postpartum doula.


Cary Curran


Cary is a champion of birth and constantly in awe of women and mothers. She completed her CAPPA doula training (the only mindfulness-based training in NY) with Kristy Zadrozny, who was also Cary’s labor doula. She has been apprenticing under Kristy for the past year and has done over 100 hours of birth training courses including the nine week Mindfulness Based Childbirth and Parenting Course. Cary is also a certified Thai Massage therapist and brings her strong and intuitive hands to every birth.


After having two wonderful home births, Cary is particularly committed to erasing the stigma of birthing at home. However, she is equally committed to nonjudgmental support wherever her clients chose to labor. She is also a breastfeeding activist and advocate. 


Cary does not see birth only as a medical procedure (even when medical procedures must be used); she views birth as a life event that can highlight the natural strengths that we all possess as women.  

Cary is an exceptionally loving, enthusiastic free spirit. She is committed to helping women realize how important it is to just be yourself in the birth process. She believes and encourages mothers to be fully themselves so they can let go in order to let the baby out.


Cary is also a single mom who recognizes the pain of heartbreak and trauma; she is able to meet women where they are with empathy and respect and supports other women with unique family structures or who are birthing on their own to do the same. 

Cary knows that everything and anything can come up in birth; she is uniquely prepared to emotionally support whatever arises, however wild. She is prepared to dance, sing, or just sit in silence. And for water-birthers: Cary will even get in the pool with you and moo like a cow if that’s what is going to allow you to relax and laugh. 

Cary is also an actress and comedian and knows the power and magic laughter holds. And, also that, of course, timing is everything.